کالج کارآفرینی تیوان
هرکجا سازی شنیدی ، شعر و آوازی شنیدی، از دلی رازی شنیدی ، یاد ما کن.
دوشنبه 26 مرداد‌ماه سال 1388
یه بازتاب

سلام. یادتون میاد که تو اردیبهشت رفتیم روستای میانده و یک کتابخانه تو یه مدرسه پر از مهربانی رو تجهیز کردیم. با همت آقای یاشار نظمی از دوستان خوب آنادانا خبر این برنامه تو سایت کتابک درج شده . با تشکر از همه دوستانمون که به صلح فکر میکنند.

The books were taken to Miandeh on bicycles

The middle school for girls “Hazrat Khadijeh Kobra” is located in the village of Miandeh in the Province of Hamedan in west of Iran.   In April 2009, Anadana, a cyclists group with the help of charitable individuals provided close to 100 volumes of books on science, literature, religion, art, biography as well as reference books, and set up the school library within two days.
Arash Khazraie, one of the Anadana cyclists, stated that a major problem in our society is the low ratio study; although many good books are published in the country there is still much more room for provision of books and setting up home and school libraries.  The Anadana Group thanked the school principal and the enthusiastic students for accepting them in their school.
The library has been very successful and active since.

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